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Logging a Session on Birda
Logging a Session on Birda

How to log a Session on Birda

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Whether you're meandering on a nature walk, nestled in a bird hide, or simply observing your home bird feeder, you can seamlessly record multiple bird sightings in succession by following these steps.

For a deeper understanding of sessions, have a look at our 'What is a session' article. If you want more details about logging individual sightings, refer to 'Log a sighting'.

To log a birding session:

  1. Open the Birda app and press the large + icon

  2. Tap the 'Begin Birding' button to begin a birding session

  3. Then tap 'Begin Birding Session' when you are ready to start your session

  4. Log each bird sighting as you go.

    1. Don't forget that you can use your voice to add the species' name to the search field if you like.

  5. Review the session when you have finished your birding session:

    • Give your session a name

    • Add photos to your sightings as well as pics of yourself and others out birding

    • Write notes about the session

    • Edit any of the individual sightings if needed

    • Next you can either tap on 'Post Session' to post the session or 'Save as draft' if you want to make a few edits and add photos at a later stage before you post the session.

How to add sightings to a session after you have finished the session:

If you have finished a session and then discover that you forgot to add a sighting, then fear not, Birda has a solution! Take a look at this article for more information on how to add sightings to a session you have already posted: Adding sightings to a Birda session after you have finished the session.

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