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Logging a Sighting on Birda
Logging a Sighting on Birda

Logging a Bird Sighting on Birda

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  1. Open Birda and press the large + button at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Select ‘Log a bird’ if you’re only logging a single sighting. View our ‘Logging a Birding Session’ article if you’re out birding and plan to log more than one bird sighting.

  3. Select the location of the sighting.

  4. Choose the bird species name (use the search bar) or select “I don’t know” if you are unsure (make sure you add a photo later on if this is the case!). You can use your voice to add the species' name to the search field if you like.

  5. Check that the time is correct, and if necessary, adjust this to the time of your sighting.

  6. From the summary screen, you can now add/remove a photo, add additional photos, edit the location, edit the species or edit the date and time of your sighting.

  7. Select ‘save sighing’ to post your sighting!

  8. Well done! You’ve logged a bird.

Still need help? Open a support ticket by clicking on the messenger in the bottom right.

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