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Draft sessions on Birda
Draft sessions on Birda

Everything you need to know about saving sessions as drafts so that you can come back to edit them and add photos before posting.

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Have you ever completed a session on Birda but not wanted to post the session until you had time to make some edits, add a few photos and a description? If this has happened to you, then you will probably find saving your sessions as drafts very helpful.

Why safe sessions as drafts?

Saving sessions as drafts gives you time to return to a session and add a few photos and a description before you post the session. That way, you don't have to post a half-baked session before you really want to!

The other benefit of saving a session as a draft is that your session is saved to Birda's servers as soon as it is saved as a draft. So even if you lost your phone for good, you could simply log back into Birda on a new phone, and all of your sightings, session posts and session drafts will be saved under your profile!

How do I save a draft session?

To save a draft session, finish your birding session, then scroll down to the bottom of the 'Post Your Session' screen and tap on the 'Save as draft' button that is situated below the 'Post Session' button.

Save as Draft in a Birda Session

Where can I find draft sessions after I have saved them?

You can find draft sessions in the draft section of your profile. Simply tap on the profile icon on the bottom right of the menu to open your profile screen. When you save a draft session, the session will automatically be saved on Birda's servers and will then pretty much immediately show in your profile as a draft.

Drafts on Birda's Profile Screen

Can I save multiple draft sessions?

Yes, you can post as many draft sessions as you like. You can scroll through your draft sessions on your profile screen and select which draft session you want to open and edit.

How do I post a draft session?

Navigate to your profile screen, find and open the draft session that you want to edit. Once you have made any edits or additions to the draft session, you can post it by scrolling down to the 'Edit Session' screen and tap on the blue 'Post Session' button.

Can I edit a draft session while I am busy recording another session?

No, do not try to edit an existing draft session while you are busy recording a session. Doing so could cause either your current session or the draft session to be corrupted and lost.

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