Want to log multiple bird sightings when you’re out birding?. If you’re out on a walk or sitting in a bird hide, follow these steps to log all the birds you see.

Read ‘What is a session‘ for more information. Or visit ‘Log a sighting‘ to read more about adding individual sightings.

To log a birding session:

  1. Open the Birda app and press the large + icon

  2. Click the Begin Birding button to begin a birding session

  3. Select start session when you are ready to begin

  4. Log birds as you go

  5. Review the session when you are done birding:

    • Give your session a name

    • Add photos to your sightings as well as pics of yourself and others out birding

    • Write notes about the session

    • Edit any of the individual sightings if needed

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