Have you just logged in to Birda and all your sightings and sessions are missing? Don't worry, all your sightings and sessions are safe and sound! Read on to see how to get them all back :)

If you have just logged into Birda and you seem to have lost all of your sightings and sessions, you have probably created a duplicate account by mistake. This can happen when you try to login to Birda with a different login method than what you used when you signed up. For example, if you register using your email and a password and then login at a later stage using Google (associated with your same email), you will create a duplicate account.

If this has happened to you, simply logout of the Birda app and then log back in using the login method you used when you first signed up on Birda. If you can't remember what method you originally used, send us a message via our support messenger or drop us an email at support@birda.org.

In the near future, we will be implementing support for multiple login methods so you will be able to login to your Birda account using an email & password, Google or Facebook as long as they are all associated with the same email address.

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