Species language gives the language options available for species common names. E.g. German, French, Spanish etc. For English, species language also includes variations in English common names used in different countries around the world as well as the English common names used by the various taxonomic authorities. For example, English (IOC), English (Clements), English (Birdlife) are all English common names used by taxonomic authorities. On the other hand, English (US), English (UK), English (South Africa) are all examples of country-specific English common names.

A great example of this is the Eurasian Hoopoe (Upupa epops). The IOC and Clements taxonomy both refer to Upupa epops as the ‘Eurasian Hoopoe’ whereas Birdlife taxonomy refers to Upupa epops as the ‘Common Hoopoe’. In the UK however, Upupa epops is simply referred to as ‘Hoopoe’.

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