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Changing your Species Language
Changing your Species Language

How to change your Species Common Name Language in Birda

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Are you finding that the common names of birds are different to what you expect or in the incorrect language? If you are, then you probably need to change the ‘species language’ on Birda. For more information on species languages on Birda, please take a look at the What is ‘species language’? article.

To switch between species languages:

  • Navigate to your profile in the Birda app

  • Tap the settings icon (top right) to open the settings menu

  • Scroll down to 'Birding preferences' section

  • Select the Species language you wish to use for the common names of birds

  • Then tap 'Save' and you’re done

Species language is the language you’ll see the Common Names of birds in. We will default your species language and taxonomy to what is commonly used in your country. For English users, remember that some countries may use different common names than the authority they draw from. E.g. In the UK, species language will default to English (UK), in South Africa it will default to English (South Africa) etc.

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