Here at Birda, we understand that taxonomy can be complicated, in fact, very complicated! This is especially true where people are trying to compare species across taxonomic authorities and where a global community is using common names in multiple languages. It is for this reason that we sought to build a cutting edge solution to simplify taxonomy for our users.

To accomplish this goal, we built a proprietary taxonomic engine that maps species and subspecies across different taxonomic authorities. Our taxonomic engine makes taxonomy seamless to the user, allowing them to view each other’s sightings in their taxonomy of choice, irrespective of what taxonomy is being used by other users.

Furthermore, species common names are translated into over 19 different languages and multiple different location-specific English varieties e.g. English (UK), English (US), English (South Africa), English (Australia). Gone are the days when species are missing from lists or of using common names you are not familiar with.

When you create an account on Birda, your taxonomic authority and language will be automatically selected based on what is commonly used in your country.

To change your taxonomic authority in Birda, go to your profile, click the settings icon and select the authority you would like to use. Follow the guide here.

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