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Changing Your Taxonomy
Changing Your Taxonomy

How to change your taxonomy on Birda

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Trying to post a new sighting but can’t find the species you are looking for? This might be because the taxonomy (IOC, Clements, Birdlife) is set to a different list than what you’re accustomed to using and commonly used in your country.

No sweat! You can switch seamlessly between the different taxonomic authorities on Birda.

Here’s how:

  1. In your profile, select the settings icon to open the settings menu

  2. Scroll down to Birding preferences

  3. Select the authority you wish to use. Read more on What authority should I choose?

  4. Select the species language you wish to see. This is the language you’ll see Common Names in. If you choose English, remember that some countries may use different common names than the authority they draw from. E.g. English (UK), English (South Africa), English (Australia) etc.

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