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Bird Sounds on Birda
Bird Sounds on Birda

Bird sounds are now available in the species guide on the Birda app and web app

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Species sounds coverage on Birda

Bird sounds were added to the free Birda species guide in December 2023 with an initial coverage of 450 European species. We are expecting to have extensive European coverage (570 species) by early January 2024.

We expect to have extensive coverage of North American species by February 2024 followed by Southern Africa by March 2024.

How do I play bird sounds on Birda

You can play bird sounds within the species guide or on any of the species lists in the Birda app. You can also play bird sounds for supported species via the Birda web app. E.g. European Robin

What kind of bird calls are there on Birda?


This is the main call of the bird and is made most often for a variety of reasons. This is often used to contact others of the same species, or make its presence known to other birds. An Baltimore Oriole or European Robin is a good example of this.

Alarm Call

This is a call made as a warning to birds of the same species and those close by that a predator or threat is close. A Common Blackbird or American Robin is a good example of this.


This is a main call of the bird, usually the male, for mating and breeding purposes. This is a way to advertise to females that they are the best male, or other males as a territory claiming call. A recognisable song is the Eurasian Wren or American Robin.


This is a song made in flight. Some birds will call whilst flying. A sound you might have heard is White Wagtail or House Finch.

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