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Your Year on Birda
Your Year on Birda

How to find the 'Your Year on Birda' video

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There are few things better than revisiting, alone or with friends, good memories and past adventures. As birders, it is always great to be reminded of the cool sightings we’ve logged and the species we saw during the previous year. That is why we’ve created the ‘Your Year on Birda’ video.

To access your video

  1. To find your video, open the app and click on your profile picture to navigate to your profile page.

  2. Click the ‘Your year on Birda’ button to see your video.

If you do not see a video on your profile

If you cannot find a video on your profile page this is due to their being insufficient activity to render a video. To produce your video you will have had to log at least five bird sightings on the Birda app during 2022. If you haven’t met the requirement for this year’s video, start building your 2023 video today by adding more sightings and sessions on Birda.

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