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How to set a goal on Birda
How to set a goal on Birda

Setting goals on your Birda profile

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You can set different birdwatching goals on the Birda mobile app. These include personal goals of Species, Time in Nature, Sessions and Days Wild and the timeframe in which you'd like to achieve the goal (weekly, monthly, or annually).

  • Open the Profile tab from the bottom navigation menu and select Goals.

    • If you haven't set a goal yet, you can add a new goal directly from the "Goals" module by clicking on the + button.

    • If you've already set goals, they will appear here.

  • If you press "See all" on the Goals module then you can see all the goals you have set. You can press the + button in the top right menu to add additional goals and edit or delete any goals already set.

  • You’ll see the below screen which shows how much progress you’ve made towards your goals. The dial moves clockwise with each activity until complete.

  • We know that life gets busy sometimes and goals may vary, so you can easily change these by clicking to edit.

  • You can also delete goals by clicking on the goal if you change your mind.

Goals are important to keep your motivation and connection to nature going so that your birding journey stays on track. Set yours today!

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