Just started birding? Seen a bird and not sure what it is? Why not ask the community for help? Follow these steps to ask for help.

Asking for help from the community

Step 1: Log a sighting

Log a sighting and tap "Unidentified Species" rather than selecting a species.

Step 2: Upload a picture and/or description

If you have a description of the bird you saw, or a picture, you can upload this to a sighting. Once you press "Post", it'll appear on the feed and all of your followers will receive a notification asking to give you a hand identifying the bird. Not simply sit back and what for members of the Birda community suggest a species.

Step 3: Review the species suggestions

You will get notifications when people suggest species. You can review the species suggestions by pressing "Review Suggestions"

Step 4: Choosing the right species

You'll get a percentage of how many people voted for a certain species. Press the Green Tick to accept it or the Red Cross to reject it. Once accepted, your post will change to display the species you selected.

Suggesting a species

Step 1: Find an unidentified sighting

If you are scrolling through the feed and come across a post that looks like this and you think you might be able to help, then press "Suggest Species". You could also go to the Unidentified feed to see the list of all the unidentified sightings that users have posted.

Step 2: Suggesting Species

Now simply choose the species you want to suggest from the list, in this case, a Woodpigeon. You could also write a helpful comment under the post to help the person next time they see a bird like this. Remember that everyone has to start from somewhere, so be kind to newbies in the comments please!

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