Step 1: Open Download My Data on eBird

Open the Download My Data link on eBird and log in to your account if prompted. Then click on the 'Submit' button in the bottom left.

Step 2: Open the email from eBird

Open the email from eBird titled 'Your eBird data are now available for download' and click on the link in the email to download your Zipped .csv file. The downloaded Zip file will look something like this: 'ebird_1532736749262'.

Step 3: Unzip the eBird file

In your downloads folder find the downloaded file and unzip the file as follows:

  • Windows users:

    • Right click on the downloaded Zip file and select 'Extract All' and then 'Extract'.

    • This will create a folder similar to 'ebird_1532736749262' in your downloads folder that contains your MyEBirdData.csv file.

    • You can now import the MyEBirdData.csv file to Birda

  • Mac users:

    • Double-click on the zipped file to unzip any zipped file on your Mac.

    • Find the extracted file MyEBirdData.csv file

    • You can now import the MyEBirdData.csv file to Birda

Step 4: Import to Birda

You are now ready to import your eBird records (in the MyEBirdData.csv file) to Birda.

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