Step 1: Open BirdTrack

Open BirdTrack and log in to your account. You'll see the main screen with a menu on the left hand side. Click "Explore data".

Step 2: Explore my records

Then click on "Explore my records" in the middle.

Step 3: Set Filters and Create Output

You'll then see some filters that can be used to select the records to export. Set these as required and press "Create Output".

Step 4: Download

The data will be shown in a window below. Click the "Download" button.

Step 5: Select Columns

A window will appear asking which fields you wish to export. Select them all and then click "Download".

Step 6: File Downloaded

After a few moments, a file called bt.xlsx will download. This is the file you'll need to import into Birda. Note that the first worksheet in this file contains a summary of species, and the records are in the following worksheets called Records#1.

Step 7: Import to Birda

You are now ready to import your BirdtTrack records to Birda.

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