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Home Location Privacy

You can choose to protect your home location privacy

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You can choose to create a 400m zone around your address to protect your privacy whilst you are back garden birding. This is an important aspect of user privacy so that you do not inadvertently disclose your home address to the public when logging sightings around your home.

If you choose to set your home location, then Birda will automatically hide the location of any sightings that are posted within 400m of your home address. You will still see the location of the sightings but they'll be hidden to everyone else regardless of your other profile privacy settings.

The other great benefit of choosing to add your home location is that Birda will automatically create Home Lists and Patch lists for all the sightings you post within your Home List and Patch List boundaries.

How to add your home location in Birda

To add your home location via the Birda app, either add your home location when you sign up or browse to Profile > Settings > Privacy Controls > Home Location to add or edit your home location.

How is your home location data used?

Birda does not use this data for any other purpose other than to protect your privacy and to create your Home & Patch Lists.

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