Location Privacy Settings allow you to control who can see the exact location of the sightings you post on Birda. If you hide exact locations then we’ll zoom out maps to show the vague area of a sighting and will not show any location pins.

By default, your Location Privacy Settings are set to Everyone. You can change your Location Privacy Settings in each Sighting or Session you post or you can change your default Location Privacy in your profile settings: Profile > Settings > Privacy Controls > Locations. These are the two setting that you can choose from:

Everyone: Anyone can see the exact location of your sightings on a map and marked with pins.

Only you: Only you can see the exact location of your sightings, everyone else will see a zoomed out map to show the vague area and will skip the pins.

* If you are posting a sighting or session close to your home location, exact locations will also be hidden. Read more here.

** Rare or vulnerable species will automatically have their exact location hidden

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