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What is a Patch List
What is a Patch List

Find our more about Patch Lists, how to create it and what radius around your home it covers

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Your Patch List is a list of all the species that you have recorded within a defined radius of your home. If you have added your home location to Birda, then your Patch List is automatically created and updated every time you post a sighting within the 10km radius of your home location.

How to add your home location in Birda

To add your home location via the Birda app, either add your home location when you sign up or browse to Profile > Settings > Privacy Controls > Home Location to add or edit your home location.

What radius is used for Patch Lists

Birda uses a 10km radius around your home location to calculate if a sighting should be added to your Patch List. Make sure that you drop your home location pin in the center of your property to make sure that all sightings at home are correctly added to your Patch List.

What about my privacy

When you add your home location in Birda, Birda will protect your privacy by hiding the location of any sightings that you post within a 400m radius around your home. Read more about this here.

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