To make your Birda experience smoother, your data more useful to the scientific community, and to give you access to the best Birda features, we need you to allow location permissions. Here are a few ways that your location is used:

  • Automatically add a location to your sightings

  • Measure the distance you’ve traveled while birding

  • Provide location-specific species lists

  • Show you nearby birding locations.

On your phone, allow location access/permission by following these step by step instructions:

iPhone Location Settings:

  1. Open iPhone settings

  2. Select Privacy

  3. Tap on Location Services

  4. Select Birda from the list of apps

  5. Set Allow Location Access to While Using the App

Android Location Settings:

  1. Open Android settings

  2. Tap Apps

  3. Select Manage Apps

  4. Select Birda from the list

  5. Scroll down to permissions and select App Permissions

  6. Select location

  7. Set Location permission to Allow only while using the app

Remember, you have control over what you share with others on Birda. We offer many tools to enable you to have a safe experience. Take the time to understand your privacy settings and make changes according to your preferences and requirements.

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