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What Taxonomy Does Birda Use?
What Taxonomy Does Birda Use?

Taxonomic used by Birda: IOC, Clements and Birdlife

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Rather than using one specific taxonomy at Birda, we allow users to choose between three well-established and widely used taxonomies, IOC, Clements and Birdlife. We do all the complicated cross-taxonomy mapping behind the scenes so everyone sees the species they expect with the names they are familiar with. Read more here.

Not sure which taxonomy to choose? Don’t sweat. Birda will choose a default based on your location. Read more here. If you’d like to change the taxonomy you use, you can edit this in your profile.

We can add taxonomies to the Birda platform if needed, but, since this is a huge undertaking, we’ll only do this if you give us a very compelling reason. To request a new taxonomy on Birda email

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