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What are Birda challenges?
What are Birda challenges?

Participating in challenges on Birda

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Birda offers different challenges as a fun way to motivate people to get outside, spend more time in nature and accomplish a set goal. Challenges can last a day, several weeks, or even an entire year. They can be linked to specific locations or be global.

How do I participate in a Challenge?

On the Birda mobile app, you will find all the challenge in the bottom menu bar under the 'Challenges' tab. As there are various challenges which all have different criteria, it is important to check out the Details and Eligibility section to see the rules of the challenge. For your activities to count towards the challenge, your post sharing privacy settings must be visible to everyone.

Where can I check my progress toward a Challenge?

Once you have joined a challenge you will see the challenges appear on your Profile Page as well as in the main Challenges tab. When you click on a challenge, you’ll find a progress bar to let you know how close you are to completing and how much time is left. You'll also see all of the sightings that have counted towards the challenge.

Each challenge has a leaderboard that ranks birders participating in the challenge. You'll see your position plus those either side of you.

Challenge Prizes

Sometimes we partner with other brands to sponsor challenges that can include prizes. So that we can keep the challenges as inclusive as possible, prizes are awarded as part of a prize draw. This means that anyone who successfully completes the challenge will be eligible to win the prize(s) on offer. Please be sure to read the terms and conditions for each challenge for specific details related to prize eligibility and redemption.

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