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Getting Started with Birda
Getting Started with Birda

Congratulations! You’ve started your Birda journey.

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Congratulations! You’ve started your Birda journey. Birda turns your phone into a life list and citizen science tool. If you haven’t already done so, here are some things you can do to get up and birding on Birda.

Quick Guide to Getting Started on Birda

  1. Download the iOS or Android app

  2. Create an account on Birda

  3. Join a challenge!

  4. Build your life list.

New to birding? Get the lowdown on how to start birdwatching!

Detailed Guide to Getting Started on Birda

1. Download the app

Download the iOS or Android app

2. Create an account

Sign up with your email address or create an account using sign in with Google, Apple or Facebook. Enter your name, select an avatar emoji, and select your gender so we know which leaderboards to place you on.

To get the best Birda experience allow the Birda app to access your location and photos. This will automatically geotag your sightings and allow you to add photos to your sighting. Want to know more about how we use this information? Take a look at our privacy policy here.

3. Read the Birda community standards

At Birda, we put nature first. Birding is awesome and birds are the best so we want to protect birds and the natural habitat they live in. We also believe your safety and privacy are of paramount importance, so to get started please check out Birda's community standards and make sure you understand your own responsibilities when using Birda.

4. Import your sightings

To simplify your transition to Birda, we make importing your existing sightings or life list as easy as possible. The Birda import tool works with existing apps such as eBird and Birdlasser, so you can get your existing sightings on Birda in a flash.

5. Join a challenge!

Want to get in on some birding fun? With Birda you can join in on challenges from across the globe or in your local patch.

  • Discover challenges by selecting the challenges icon in the lower menu.

  • Join in challenges by selecting the Join button.

  • You’ll get a low down on the details of the challenge.

  • Sign up for the challenge

  • Collect challenge badges! See what badges you can collect by taking part in birding challenges.

6. Log a single bird sighting or start a birding session

To log your bird sightings, tap on the + icon in the bottom app menu. To log a single bird sighting, tap on Log Bird and post your sighting.

If you want to add multiple birds in a row then start a birding session by tapping Begin Birding! Head out birding and log every bird you see and Birda will track the species you see, the time you were out birding and any other relevant information.

7. Build your life list

Every time you add a lifer (bird species you have not seen before), Birda updates your life list for you. To save you from manually creating location-specific life lists, Birda will also create a variety of sublists based on where in the world your sightings were located. For example, add a new lifer that you saw in your garden and Birda will update your home life list and also your region, country, state/province life lists. And if you go birding in a defined birding area, such as a nature reserve or national park, Birda will also create a life list specifically for the birding area!

If you have any questions, drop us a message in the support chat in the bottom right of the screen.

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