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Why your life list total be different to what you expected.
Why your life list total be different to what you expected.

A few reasons why your life list total may differ from what you expect

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Import failures

When you import your records to Birda, our system will try to find a match between our taxonomy and every species you import. Sometimes there may be a mismatch which could mean that a species is not correctly imported. When this happens, the Birda import tool will show an error for the records that were not imported. If this happens to you and it looks like an issue with Birda, please contact us (via our support messenger), and we will look into it for you.

Different taxonomies

When you create an account on Birda, we will automatically set your taxonomy based on the country you are living in. If this taxonomy differs from the taxonomy in your import file, then it could cause your life list total to differ from the import source.

If this happens to you, change your taxonomy on Birda to match the setting used by your imported platform taxonomy. If the totals still don't match, then review your import to Birda for import failures and let us know if you think there are issues on our side.

Changes in taxonomy

Bird taxonomy is in a constant state of flux with changes being made on a semi-annual basis by the IOC, and annually by Clements and Birdlife HBW. If our taxonomy is slightly ahead or behind the source of an import you made, then this may also result in there being differences in your life list totals.

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